Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A bucolic scene

Er .. what does "bucolic" mean? I'll look it up later.

Anyway, here it is. Another in the series "what I saw on my way to work".

I saw the pheasant on top of the bale, braked, went back, fished my camera out of the pannier, and hurriedly snapped a photo to get one "in the bag". By the time the camera was ready to take another one the bird had gone.

I think that the pylon makes the scene less bucolic. Still haven't looked it up.

Back to canal stuff tomorrow.



Nev Wells said...

One of Timothy Spall's frequently used words I recall on his passage via Scotland on Matilda Rose


Kevin said...

OK I know, I'm sad, but here's the lowdown on bucolic...

Adjective: Of or relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life.
Noun: A pastoral poem.
Synonyms: pastoral - rural

Anyway your picture reminds me of an advert for a certain brand of Scottish falling over water... lol


Captain Ahab said...

But in your case it would be Famous Trowse (Norwich joke!)

Halfie said...

Thanks Nev, Kev and Cap.

Hmm. If I'd looked it up beforehand I wouldn't have used it. According to my dictionary the word "bucolic" is from the Greek for herdsman: its original meaning is "pertaining to the keeping of cattle". But it does now have the additional meaning of relating to country life.

Andy, that reminds me - I hope you still have some of that sloe gin left!

Captain Ahab said...

Have no fear - there is loads left!

VallyP said...

Bucolic always makes me think of alcohol for some reason.