Thursday, 12 January 2012

Strange tree and Feeder Bridge

On a cycle ride yesterday this tree caught my eye.

It looks half in leaf and half bare.

I think it's probably being strangled by a luxuriant growth of ivy.

I'm never sure whether it's the growing of ivy on a tree which kills the tree, or whether it's that ivy is attracted to a dying tree.

No ivy to be seen on Feeder Bridge on the southern Oxford Canal last October, but there is some damage to the bridge at its eastern end.

The bridge takes the towpath over the feeder from the Boddington Reservoir to the summit level. Let's hope this and all the other reservoirs get topped up enough to keep the canal system open.

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VallyP said...

That tree does look a bit odd, but then this often happens doesn't it? I have a feeling it is ivy that strangles the tree if allowed to grow unchecked. Lovely bridge!