Monday, 9 January 2012

I've been looking back through some past posts ...

... and I am reminded that I still have some timelapse to turn round and publish. There's quite a feast to come: all of the April BCN trip. Assuming it all worked OK, that is. To make space on the memory card in the camera I had to transfer some footage to the laptop, so now I have to try to get that onto the Mac and export it in the right way for uploading to YouTube when we get our phone line back.

There's no progress on that, by the way. The BT fault reporting website was down today, so I couldn't even see if anything was being done. I might have to resort to telephoning, but I hate hanging on while some rubbish muzak is forced down the phone at me.

Meanwhile, here's another image from our April trip, and another rarely visited canal crossed off.

This is the end of one fork of the Bumblehole Branch.

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VallyP said...

Good luck with your BT line, Hafie. Sounds like big frustration all round. I'm enjoying your regurgitated trip photos though!