Monday, 15 August 2016

Unexpected "wild" life on the Dudley No. 2 Canal

It was time to part from the peaceful Park Head parkland and progress towards the Black Country Living Museum. The direct way, of course, would have been straight through the Dudley Tunnel, but that was impossible for us. Our route, therefore, was to be along to Windmill End, through Netherton Tunnel and either left or right at the New Main Line.

After making use of the facilities at Blowers Green Pump House we soon found ourselves in what looked like open country. No doubt the area used to be collieries, iron works and foundries, but now the grass and trees have taken over.

I was surprised to see two mountain goats right by the canal; they didn't seem interested in us passing by.

C. Beech and Son Steel Stockholders reflected nicely on the water.

And this is a scene familiar to anyone who has been to Windmill End, with the picturesque cast iron towpath bridges spanning the various branches and arms.

At Dudley Port Junction we turned right, then right again at Albion Junction into the Gower Branch, then up Brades Locks. At the top we turned right again on the Old Main Line, crossing over the Netherton Tunnel Branch where we had been an hour or so previously, and then left to tie up outside the BCLM.

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