Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A thousand amps

At Anglesey Basin it seems the thing to do is cycle round Chasewater Reservoir, so we got our bikes out and did just that. We didn't get all the way round as we called in to the Chasewater Railway at Brtownhills West Station.

The driver of the diesel loco was very chatty; once he'd wiggled it over the tracks to the platform I was asking him all sorts of questions.

The ammeter in the cab is impressive, reading up to 1000A. That would be a little over the top for Jubilee!

I had a good coffee in the station buffet. Perhaps one day we will travel on the train.

After spending longer than we had intended at the railway we returned to the boat and set off for Pelsall. We had lunch at Brownhills and found Aldi. Nearby is this impressive tribute to the former local mining industry: a larger-than-life Brownhills miner on a roundabout. (Next time I'll take a photo from the front.)

After making use of the facilities we carried on to Pelsall Junction where we tied up for the festival.

We are early, but we have offered to help with setting up.

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