Thursday, 25 August 2016

How to bury an electric cable under grass

More marquees, more fencing. Plus I erected a couple of signs, helped to pull a heavy trailer and assisted in the laying of an electricity cable under the grass. It's good fun volunteering! The cable laying was made easy by a mini-tractor with a plough attachment. This carved a single furrow, flipping the turf over such that a cable could be placed in the soil about 4" deep. Once the cable was in the turf was flipped back and pressed back into position by the tractor wheels, leaving little evidence and no trip hazard. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera to hand; I'll try to get a photo tomorrow.

We still haven't had to move away from the bank. We are expecting a boat to come on the inside and one on the outside of us -perhaps tomorrow.

Andy (Captain Ahab) came for a meal on board this evening - yes, he's here with Wand'ring Bark and the Jam Butty. He supplied a chicken curry which we "beefed up" with other bits and pieces to make it go round the three of us. We had a good evening together; we look forward to seeing Helen tomorrow.

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