Sunday, 21 August 2016

How did this get round the prop?

Mixed in with the weed which attached itself to the prop as we came up Rushall Locks yesterday was this medical-looking tube.

I think it's what people have up their nose if they need oxygen.

We stayed put at Rushall Top Lock today, or rather, the boat did. Andy picked us up in the morning so we could go to church with him (Helen was minimising thr risk of infection by staying at home). We went to Aldridge Parish Church for a lively, Olympics-themed, communion service. After this we went to Andy and Helen's house for lunch, to which we contributed, and saw their amazing new kitchen (and Andy's shed). We hope we didn't tire out Helen too much. It was great to see them both; we'll see Andy again in a few days' time at the IWA Pelsall festival.

When Andy dropped us back at the boat he did a bit of blackberrying; I helped when I'd taken a photo or two.

This evening we walked to the White House, a Sizzling chain pub, for a meal. My sirloin steak was fairly bland - I think I'll stick with the cheaper rump steak next time. Jan's enjoyed her chicken. They had run out of the Sunday roasts which we had initially tried to order.

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