Monday, 8 August 2016

Diamonds are for ... sixty years

On Wednesday, after enquiring at Wolverhampton Boat Club, we arranged to leave Jubilee there for a few days. We have affiliate membership of the Association of Waterways Cruising Clubs through our membership of the Boaters' Christian Fellowship; this was the first time we had used this connection. We had already identified a convenient railway station - at Bilbrook - and had originally planned to leave the boat on the towpath. The boat club option was much better, being a secure offside mooring. We left the fridge on and hoped the solar panels would be sufficient to keep it going. The boat was under the trees a bit, but it would have had sun until mid-afternoon. I can report that the battery voltage was 13.9V when we returned today, and the fridge and its contents were fine. Hooray!

We got the train to Wolverton; I cycled to the marina to retrieve the car; we drove home to Norfolk. Here we did two and a half solid days of gardening, mostly lawn mowing and hedge trimming.

On Saturday we drove to Essex where we joined in the celebration of my parents' diamond wedding anniversary. The Queen sent her congratulations.

Lunch was eaten, speeches were made and the cake was cut.

Doing his best not to steal the show was Josiah, being kept quiet with bubbles.

After tea and sandwiches at Shenfield we drove to Wolverton where we stayed two nights at Ally, Ben and Josiah's house. Here we did more gardening and a bit of fence planning.

Back at the boat, we have moved half a mile to Bridge 2 just short of Autherley Junction and visited Morrison's. We have been doing some more route planning; we will head south down the Staffs and Worcs to start with. I have an idea about something a little crazy. This needs more research; I shall reveal more later.

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Neil Corbett said...

My goodness, doesn't Josiah look like you Jan!
Kath (nb Herbie)