Thursday, 11 August 2016

Rocky McLockface

One of today's locks was Rocky Lock.

As at Northgate Locks in Chester the sandstone has been cut away to put the lock in. Unlike Northgate Locks Rocky Lock and its neighbours are brick lined.

We stopped for water and Elsan at Greensforge, greeting Rob and Jill on Chrissie who were just about to depart. Later on, as we neared Stourton Junction, we had a message from a passing boat that soup was being prepared on Chrissie. And as we tied up behind them, Jill invited us for lunch. This was a real treat: Jill's chicken soup was wonderful. Jan provided some of her amazing chocolate tiffin and we spent an hour plus enjoying each other's company. I was able to lend Rob a tyre pressure gauge so he could adjust the accumulator pressure in his water system and we had a look round their new Stoke Boats boat. One really excellent feature was the reversible back to the Pullman dinette. This had an ingenious double-pivotted support, hidden in the sides of the seat, which made the flip very quick and easy. The electrics were a combination of 12V for lighting and 24V for most of the rest. The boat was exhibited at Crick; was this one of the punters' favourites? Adam? We certainly liked it!

At Stourton Junction we turned left onto the Stourbridge Canal and immediately climbed the four lovely Stourton Locks.

The Stourbridge Canal below Wordsley Junction is mostly rural, with lots of trees ...

... and a field of horses coming right to the water's edge.

We turned onto the Stourbridge Town Arm and moored right at the end, opposite the Bonded Warehouse. These are secure moorings, run by the Stourbridge Canal Trust. Overnight mooring is permitted provided there is space and you check in with Colin, the manager. There was plenty of space; we haven't seen Colin yet.

We walked into the town for one or two non-essentials; we'll go back for a better look round in the morning.

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Adam said...

Chrissie wasn't one of the top three. I liked the map over the bath -- but the stripey carpet would have given me a migraine!