Sunday, 14 August 2016

Dudley Tunnel: let's call the whole thing off

As I feared. Jubilee is just the wrong shape and size for Dudley Tunnel. Despite a moderate amount of extra ballast there was no way the cabin would fit under the gauge. And that was before considering the chimney collar and gang plank cradle. I'm disappointed, but determined one day to leg through on a lower boat. A CRT hopper would be ideal.

I did manage to get a nice photo looking into the tunnel though.

David and Penny came this afternoon; as soon as they were on board I took the boat into the two short arms here at the top of the Park Head locks.

First was the Grazebrook Arm.

It was starting to get a little shallow, so this is as far as we got, under the Park Head Viaduct.

Then I reversed out and went into the Pensnett Arm to the very end.

As I had promised myself I offered the back end of the boat up to the tunnel gauge. Even the lower back wouldn't fit.

We enjoyed a peaceful barbecue, despite the best efforts of a flock of low-flying Canada geese overhead. One jettisoned a poo bomb which landed on the table, slightly spattering some of the food. Yuk! You might be relieved to know that I don't have a photo.

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