Monday, 1 August 2016

Double decker narrowboats and an excellent curry in Brewood

Just as we were preparing to untie this morning a boat was coming past, so we waited. Then there was another one behind it, so we waited some more. Then more came. Eventually we were able to pull out in front of a pair - not inconveniencing them - which I later identified as Starling and Ethel, looking very smart in Cowburn and Cowpar colours. We found ourselves fourth in a convoy of six boats. Things got interesting at bridge holes with oncoming traffic, as you can imagine.

This was the scene at Grub Street's famous High Bridge.

Jan happened to be steering as we went through Cowley Tunnel so I managed to get a rare photo from the bow.

We stopped for diesel at Turner's, Wheaton Aston (51.9p/l) where I regretted having put so much in at Tattenhall.

While waiting for Wheaton Aston Lock we took on water and I snapped Starling above Ethel at the lock.

We tied up at Brewood and had an excellent curry at the Curry Inn. I had a lamb vindaloo which was superb. Nicely hot with plenty of tender lamb and a token piece of potato. Vindaloos are often half-and-half meat and potato which seems a bit of a rip-off, which is why I rarely have them these days. I was glad I went for it here. Jan had a chicken makani which she reports as good. Service was impeccable. The Shroppie has many wonderful features; I shall now add the Curry Inn to the list.

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