Saturday, 27 August 2016

Steam and working boats at Pelsall

Today the finishing touches were applied to the trade stalls and the public were invited in. This is the IWA Festival of Water at Pelsall North Common by the Wyrley and Essington Canal to the north of Birmingham.

This exhibitor was polishing his 30 year-old steam engine.

He has owned two full size traction engines and a half-size engine in his time.

On the Cannock Extension Canal are these old working boats.

And looking through Friar bridge from the other side:

This morning I spent two hours with a plastic bag and a litter picker. Unfortunately - or should that be fortunately? - there was hardly any litter to be picked. Martin of Erin Mae took a photo.


Halfie said...

Dave Ward comments:

"Meanwhile, not too far away, here's a different type of working boat and butty:

Keep your eyes peeled!"

(For some reason Dave's comments don't publish directly.)

Halfie said...

Dave, that's ... er ... weird!