Monday, 14 July 2014

Trying to stop the computer sucking up too much data

We're on board again, and it's good to be back. In the morning I have two main jobs to tackle: replacing the spin-on diesel filter; and having a look at the motor brushes on the washing machine.

I must try to remember to pre-fill the new filter with diesel before putting it on - I'm hoping doing that will minimise the need to bleed the fuel path. I'm a bit scared of loosening off the injector feed pipes.

Jan will probably stick around while I'm doing that so she can re-familiarise herself with Jubilee (I hope she notices the freshly blacked stove).

I have been delving into the "control panel" of this (wretched) Windows 8 laptop to try to cut down on its data use from the internet. We have a pay as you go MiFi thingummy which has served us very well in the past. 1GB of data easily lasted the 30 day time limit. Since getting this (wretched) Windows 8 computer, though, our data use has rocketed. I've managed to disable automatic updates and told the machine not to display animations on web pages. I've also disabled pictures*, which might be a step too far. I think the real killer has been Facebook which Jan uses.

Now I'm trying to keep a log of our data use each day: on our "3" 3GB data sim card there's apparently 2845MB remaining (although the figure hasn't changed for the past hour). To keep within the limit we mustn't exceed about 34MB per day when the card is new. Our present card expires on 25th August, so we can use as much as 69MB per day. Woohoo! (No videos though.)

*Update... I've had to re-enable pictures so as to be able to read the Captcha images when commenting on other blogs. Also, blogs are much more interesting when there are pictures - and I'm aware that this post falls down on that count. Sorry.

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