Friday, 11 July 2014

Plaques were bigger in the old days

In Diglis basin, Worcester, David got talking to the owner of another old boat, apparently called Nuts in May.

This boat had been to the IWA rally in Stratford in 1964 to mark the Stratford Canal's reopening that year. (David didn't attend with Kew as he'd only just bought it and was in the process of converting it for living on.)

Note how large the original plaque is (by the owner's left hand) compared to today's versions.

The plaque reads: This boat attended the IWA Festival of Boats and Arts 1964. If there's an inscription round the outside I can't read it. I think it might be decorative tooling.

I looked up Nuts in May on Jim Shead's boat listing, only to discover that CanalPlanAC now hosts the boat listing. There was a Nuts in May listed: 40', built by Cunis, so I guess this is it.

The boat had an unusual licence plate: B3210, but CanalPlanAC had the registration as a different number.

Is "B3210" a relic of a former numbering system?


Alf said...

I think the "B" prefix relates to a Bridgewater Canal registration.

Sarah said...

Our first little boat 'Helyn' had a B prefix but not, as far as I know, any Bridgewater connection. In any case, the Bridgewater, AFAIK, has never belonged to BW, so a boat based there would not have had a BW registration.
My guess is that it was either something to do with rivers, or for small craft. Look forward to finding out the answer!