Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ice cream on the canal

We left the marina at 1050 in perfect sunny and warm summer weather, wondering what we might have forgotten to bring. I thought of something: a long-sleeved shirt to protect my arms in the forthcoming heatwave. (Ooh - the computer doesn't like "heatwave" as one word, underlining it with red squiggles. Doesn't the USA get heatwaves?) I expect a charity shop will supply what I want.

It felt a bit like a heatwave today with the sun beating down. In fact, I thought the heat must have been getting to me when an enormous ice cream cone came towards us.

It was no mirage, but an ice cream boat with exquisite timing.  "Stop me and buy one" read the sign, but by the time I'd reengaged my brain the moment - and the boat - was past.

Never mind; even better than ice cream was seeing Bones. She showed great interest, gratifyingly, in my handiwork - no, bodgework - where I'd created a temporary support for the washing machine and a seat for steering from the roof. Both out of scrap timber. I think she thought the washing machine support was a bit too flimsy given the amount of concrete in the machine.

At Stoke Bruerne we shared all but the bottom lock with a group of Swedes on an Alvechurch hire boat on their way back to Gayton Marina. We persuaded them to try a bit of synchronised boating which worked very well.

Now we are tied up between Gayton and Bugbrooke, having done enough for today. We haven't quite reached our my scheduled stop, but we should be able to catch up tomorrow with an earlier start. (Don't worry - I have planned rest days!)

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