Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Number Works but the spelling doesn't

At Hanbury Junction the Droitwich Canal joins the Worcester and Birmingham. I have yet to cruise the Droitwich, which gives us a good reason to return to this part of the system at some time.

That's the Droitwich Canal through the brick bridge on the right. Through the bridge on the left is Hanbury Wharf, opposite which is the Eagle and Sun pub, run by the Number Works pubco.

It announces its presence by means of a purple sign on the bridge promising three things:

Great food, great drink, great atmosphere ... but not great spelling.

It looks like someone has tried to insert the missing apostrophe and letter "e".

Kevin, Richard and I did pop in for a drink (only one ale on, as I recall, but it was OK) but we didn't eat as we had food on board (which David insisted on staying behind to prepare). The food looked good value, with menus priced at £2, £4, £6 and £8 (the "number works").


roger said...

The food is ghastly, tough meat, tired veges, and all very bland.

The rest is hit and miss.

Good thing that the numbers work.

Jim said...

I'm always suspicious of pubs that promise "Great Atmosphere". Surely that's created by a combination of a number of variables, none of which can be guaranteed at all times?