Monday, 7 July 2014

Royal Worcester; and Kew's attempt on the Stratford Canal (south)

I had given myself plenty of time to get home from Worcester, so I was able to dodge the showers and explore the city centre. Here are some photos from my wanderings of 27th and 28th June 2014, starting with where Kew moored just above Diglis Basin.

Down on the river, looking upstream, the Glover's Needle pierces the sky. The cathedral is on the right, next to the sign pointing along the Worcester and Birmingham Canal to Birmingham (30 miles and 58 locks).

Former buildings of the Royal Worcester porcelain works have been preserved (have they been turned into flats?) but have kept their names. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of this building, but just to its left is the Throwing House.

As I approached the cathedral I could hear a large choir singing.

In a room off the cloisters a come-and-sing choir was rehearsing Bach's B minor mass. I wanted to join in!

Back outside I had a good look round the Tudor House Museum ...

... and saw many other interesting old buildings.

Well, that's enough for now. Oh, all right then, just one more view.


Here's an update from Mary on how Kew got on with negotiating the Stratford Canal, having made it to the River Festival via the Severn and Avon:

Kew is moored this evening at Wootton Wawen, having had an uneventful trip up from Stratford. The towpath side middle-height lock wall (lock 42) bulges, but Kew tilted a little then bobbed up as the lock filled (depositing a small piece of brickwork on the sidedeck). David made some more observations for maintenance...

(Mary asked me to put this on for you, Sarah.)

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Sarah said...

Thanks Halfie and Mary - yes, I did ask them to report to you so you could tell the world. Glad they made it without incident.