Monday, 28 July 2014

A ceramic welcome to Stone

Tixall Wide to Meaford

North of Great Haywood on the T&M is what looks like a Gipsy encampment.

A dog on a leash was repeatedly jumping up and down.

In a field I saw a strange bird. Can anyone identify it for me?

On this stretch CRT were doing bank works. I stopped mid-channel and waited while they got out of the way. As a bow thruster they used the digger, putting it down on the bed of the canal and moving the bow across by extending the arm.

South of Stone I recognised this boat before I could read the name. It's No Direction, formerly belonging to former bloggers Ray and Jayne, who will, no doubt, be pleased to know that the new owners appreciate the lovely boat.

At Stone we trawled the many charity shops in the pedestrianised High Street, and did a food shop in the Co-op. I think more than half the items we bought were reduced, including tiramasu, lemon tart, chocolate eclairs and strawberries! We're all right for pudding-type materials for a while.

There's an interesting welcome sign by the towpath, but facing away from the canal so you see it only if accessing the town via Bridge 93.

It's composed of ceramic tiles, each (presumably) made by different people of the town or signfying different elements of Stone life.

Tomorrow I think we'll bash on through Stoke on Trent and the Harecastle Tunnel. Another early start? 10.5 miles and 16 6 locks to the south portal should take 5.5 4.5 hours. Yes, we should easily make it.

Now, with the sound of a mosquito's high-pitched whining in my ear, I'll go to bed. Oh, and the more pleasant noise of trains running past a few feet away.

edit to say: My brain's going. I subtracted 34 from 40 (Stoke Top Lock) and got 16, not 6. (Adam, where were you?)


Neil Corbett said...

It's a Lapwing, also known as Peewit (after it's call). Usually seen in largish flocks although they are solitary in the breeding season.
Kath (nb Herbie)

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

They are also known as Green Plovers or Pyewipes, so you pays yer money and takes yer choice.

Halfie said...

Thanks Kath and Graham/Jill. Jan said she thought it was a peewit. Now I'll be in trouble for asking for confirmation. (She said nothing about lapwing, green plover or pyewipe, though!)