Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Spin-on diesel filter changed but washing machine brushes remain untouched

Today was a day of finishing transferring stuff from the car to the boat and sorting it all out. It was also the day I had earmarked for two jobs in particular: replacing the spin-on diesel filter and having a good look at the washing machine motor's brushes.

The diesel filter job went well after I used a chain-type filter wrench to remove the old one. I've had the chain wrench in my tool bag for years; I think the last time I used it must have been in the 1970s! It came into its own today. I poured some diesel from the jerry can into a plastic jug, then poured from the jug to the new filter to prime it. I don't know if that's what you're supposed to do, but it seemed a good idea to me. Especially as I couldn't get what I assume to be the bleed screw on the filter head to budge. When I turned on the ignition a pump (the lift pump?) ticked away fairly rapidly for some time before slowing. Then I turned the switch to the glow plug position before starting the engine. It ran smoothly for 20 minutes, so there were no airlock problems.

While I was down the engine 'ole a boat three along from me was having its fuel "polished". I went to talk to the two people doing it. The boat owner had been rescued by RCR after breaking down nearby. The problem was water in the fuel; the "polishing" involves sucking out the contents of the fuel tank, passing the contaminated fuel through an agglomerator and a filter, then returning the cleaner fuel to the tank via the breather port in a continuous process. The pair were doing this for well over an hour, until no more rubbish was visible coming through the clear(ish) suction hose. They gave me their card which I have temporarily mislaid. I'll put some photos up shortly.

My other main task was to investigate the washing machine's failure to spin. The motor itself seems to be all right as it turns the drum back and forth in the washing cycle, but the spin never really gets going. It makes as if to spin, then gives up and returns to a bit of "drum rocking" before trying to spin again. It will do this for ages.

When I have asked about this before, one suggestion was that the motor brushes might be sticking in their housing, not allowing the full current into the rotor windings. I wanted to remove the brushes in their housings and check they were free. As Jan will testify, I spent a long time building a temporary frame to stand the machine on while I attacked it from underneath. This worked well, in that the concrete-heavy white box hasn't come crashing down onto my head, but I can't unscrew the little bolts fixing the brush housings to the motor. There just isn't enough room to get a spanner or socket in. I think the only tool which will do it is a box spanner, but I couldn't find one the right size in the Wolverton area.

This afternoon we went to Ally and Ben's house for a bit more preparation for painting (stairs and landing, this time), then we had a nice spag bol there before returning to Jubilee.

The cruise proper starts tomorrow, whatever the state of play with the washing machine. Oh, and I'm anticipating having some time to upload photos too. Meanwhile you're stuck with my boring old words: text unrelieved by pictures.

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Davidss said...

I can't recall if I said it before, but due to restricted access I didn't even attempt to service the brushes in-situ.
I removed the top and rear covers on my machine, then removed the motor as a unit. The brush holders were then easy to access.
The motor was mounted in a similar but simpler way to a car alternator. Two mountings in line, a third mounting being adjustable. The difference being that the two in-line mountings were actually slide on mountings, on greased bushes, so in fact there was only one bolt to undo.
The mountings were also arranged so that the weight of the motor tensioned the belt.

The negatives in my case?
The restricted access I had meant that actually removing and replacing the motor on the pins was a single hand job, and it was a bit heavy.
I also found it easy to forget to reconnect the wiring plug, which stops progress somewhat :-)

Good Luck.