Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunset and wires

Saturday night's sunset was interesting in that it turned every cloud in the sky red. The only photo which worked, though, was this one of the brighter western part of the sky.

I'm back at work tomorrow after a good break: three weeks off which included a week on Shadow sandwiched by spells on Jubilee. It's been good to spend time in the garden over the last few days - the weather has been perfect for lawn mowing and general tidying. Today, possibly motivated by having just taken a load of logs to Jubilee for Ally and Ben, I cleared an untidy log pile from outside the house into an outbuilding.

Tomorrow's post is likely to be less boring.


Bill said...

Not boring at all. Nice pic, but could you explain the wire connections to the pole? Regards.

Halfie said...

Bill, thank you. The pole supports electricity cables (three phase and earth, 230V AC) for distribution to houses. What looks like a single cable in the lower part of the photo is, in fact, one of the phases plus earth. Same for the cables at the top of the picture (the one in the very corner looks like a telephone line).