Saturday, 8 September 2012

Frog in a bucket

Watering up at Peartree Bridge in Milton Keynes the other day was a boat called Frog in a Bucket. I was really surprised as, only the day before, I had come across a frog in the bucket I was about to use in washing my car.

It had been hiding under a leaf. Before I tipped the tiny creature out - the body was not much more than half an inch long - I went indoors to get my camera, fully expecting the frog to have hopped out by the time I returned. As you can see, he/she hadn't legged it, and posed nicely for me. In fact, I had to shake the bucket quite hard to get it to leave.

Back to the boat watering up - I remarked to the owner that I'd only just had my own frog in a bucket, and asked him why his boat had that name. Apparently he'd never been able to keep still as a younger man, and acquired the nickname "Frog in a Bucket". Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me for this second (or third) frog in a bucket.

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