Monday, 24 September 2012

Light Pyramid appears and dinosaur changes colour in Milton Keynes

If you walk from Campbell Park to the shopping centre in Milton Keynes you will probably come across this sculpture, "Light Pyramid" by Liliane Lijn, which was unveiled in June 2012. It is probably more impressive at night when, from the photos on the sculptor's website, it can be seen to light up. It's on the highest bit of ground for miles and there are views across a surprisingly flat landscape. I don't know if it's visible from the canal.

Even closer to the Grand Union Canal, near Peartree Bridge if I remember correctly, is a dinosaur which used to be painted gold. Perhaps as a reaction to the post boxes being painted gold in honour of Olympic heroes this dinosaur turned from gold to black-and-white a day or so before I took the photo (24th August 2012).

I'll post soon - probably tomorrow - about a modification to Jubilee's central heating system.

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Anonymous said...

It's not coincidence. There are all sorts of wacky monuments, pyramids, hidden dinosaurs and 'neo'-Neolithic images hidden in and around Milton Keynes. Link them all together you will be amazed what it all means. Check it out in the book 'Mysterious Milton Keynes'