Sunday, 2 September 2012

Shower waste pump made automatic once more by replacing float switch

This morning started with the cleaning and unloading of Shadow after a very pleasant week on board. On our way home we called in at Milton Keynes so we could deliver the logs and fix the shower sump float switch on Jubilee.

This was the original switch in situ:

It stopped working, so I cut it out and rigged a temporary push switch operated by the person in the shower. This system worked well, but was a lash-up, involving a cable passing out of the bedroom window, over the roof, and into the pigeon box above the shower, ending in the overhead switch.

While out on Shadow we stopped at Clifton Cruisers and bought a Rule float switch for a few pounds. This is intended for use in a bilge, but I thought it would be worth trying in the shower sump.

The fixings were not the same as those of the original switch, but I managed to screw it to part of the original base. I hope just one mild steel screw will hold until I can get a stainless steel screw or bolt, and work out a way of fixing through the other hole on the base as well.

I'm pleased to say that it works!

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