Monday, 3 September 2012

Colourful boats

Seen on the Oxford/Grand Union, Rockers (name found from Jim Shead's site) with strange fluorescent window guards. I should have thought that there are fewer places on the system less likely to have stone-throwing yobs than here on this rural stretch.

While we're on the colour theme take a look at this boat last seen on the North Oxford.

I was going to put up another picture of it, but iPhoto has decided to throw a wobbly and is refusing to export the photo. Anyway, observe the brightly coloured porthole surrounds, mushrooms, horseshoes and pigeon box windows. You'll have to take it from me that the pigeon box windows have a similarly chromatic treatment. (The other photo showed it well...)


Anonymous said...

I love the coloured portholes - maybe a good look if we ever go for Indigo Dream 2 (not finished with ID 1 yet!).

I have heard that some boaters protect their glass from fishermen's leads but that doesn't make sense for that photo either! There is one famous spot on the GU (I think - well, between London and Brum anyway) where boaters protect their windows from stray golf balls!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

VallyP said...

I've just been catching up with your posts, Halfie. I don't really have time to comment on them all, but I like the photos of the old boats, and you cut a very dashing figure with your shades and straw sun hat, I must say! I like the colours on these boats too. It's nice to see people using their creativity a bit! Good luck with the shower pump switch. Very inventive!