Thursday, 13 September 2012

Brinklow Castle and village

One of the stops we made on our recent trip was at Brinklow, to look at the castle and walk round the village.

There's not much actual castle to be seen, but the motte, or castle mound, is unmissable.

We bounded up it with friends Amanda and Gavin, who joined us on Shadow at Newbold-on-Avon.

The views from the top were good...

... then it was time to descend.

According to Nicholson the church features a floor which rises 12 feet from the west end to the east - this we had to see.

My photo fails utterly to show the steepness of it - in fact, it looks like it's sloping down!

But perhaps you can make out the steps to the chancel, and a further set of steps up to the altar.

There were plenty more old buildings to look at as we finished our tour of the village and returned to the boat.


Anonymous said...

Jedward! ha!

Halfie said...

Anonymous, what do you mean?

VallyP said...

Is Brinklow all pretty, or did you just take photos of its 'jewels'?

Halfie said...

VallyP, I think I find it easier to photograph nice things! And the very act of photographing - if one wants a well-framed and correctly exposed and focused image - improves the look of the subject. So I'm sure Brinklow has one or two less pretty bits, but I can't remember now.