Thursday, 6 September 2012

"Generator run till late night"

So reads a sign on a boat we passed near Brinklow on the north Oxford Canal.

I suppose no-one can say they weren't warned, but it doesn't seem too friendly.

It's "That 70's Boat", and a woman was painting boxes, tins and other bits and pieces to sell at reasonable prices.

Indeed, I bought one or two things as presents. (It's all right: the intended recipient rarely reads my blog.)


Sue said...

Well that in my eyes is OK, like you say there is a sign, presumably one at the bow as well.

They look to be moored remotely on pins, not the sort of place the average boater likes to moor.

I know it is 'against the rules' of the 8pm shutdown of noise, but I would much rather be warned when boaters need to run late rather than find out at 9.30pm!

Captain Ahab said...

I agree with Sue - providing they are remote and have warned others its ok

No Direction said...

Thin end of the wedge!

Anonymous said...

Is the pressie for me? :D

Halfie said...

Anonymous, if you identify yourself I might (or might not) say!