Monday, 17 September 2012

Graffiti style of signwriting

On Braunston Puddle Banks last month we passed a boat with an interesting paint job. According to Jim Shead's site the boat is called Diogenes, but the graffiti-style paintwork suggests otherwise.

Mind you, perhaps any painted name is better than none!

Jubilee is still waiting for a spot of signwriting. I'll have to get things moving. Do I find a signwriter first, and then ask her or him if they have any ideas? Or do I approach said signwriter with a design and say, "Paint that"?

(Jubilee is photographed moored at Campbell Park, Milton Keynes)


Nb Yarwood said...

I can give you Dave Moore's telephone number. Dave does all the Norton Canes work and both Caxton and Yarwood were signed by him.

Adam said...

A lot would depend on whether you have a signwriter in mind. If there's one whose style you particularly like, it would make sense to let them do it in their style. But a decent sign writer would always discuss ideas with you anyway.

Halfie said...

Lesley, thanks, I have his number.

Adam, gosh, I haven't studied signwriting styles that closely. I think I'll have to phone two or three to get an idea of what's required from me.

VallyP said...

I would tell them what I wanted and say paint that!

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