Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Snow delays survey

I found I'd missed an e-mail from the surveyor yesterday. He said that he'd put back the second part of the survey by a day on account of the snow. (No snow here in Norfolk, just lots of rain today).

I told him that if it would be better to finish off the survey with the boat in water (it would, wouldn't it?) then we wouldn't mind waiting.

Meanwhile ... here is the photo the surveyor took of the rudder. Before re-blacking, of course. This is the first photo I've published of the boat - I'm not giving much away, am I?

I see the boat has a propeller. That's handy.

(pause for Ray to comment...)


Neil Corbett said...

In the light of your previous experiences, now would be a good time to check that propeller split pin!

Halfie said...

Looks OK from here!