Sunday, 1 April 2012

Bottle bottoms date a cottage to 1820

There's always something of interest to be found in an unfamiliar town or village. Boating is, of course, one very good way of discovering new places. Provided, that is, that you allow time in your cruising schedule actually to stop and explore them. In the past I have been guilty of planning to cover so much distance that to stop anywhere but the evening mooring would have been almost disastrous. It's not like that any more, and will become even less so when we're able to spend considerably larger chunks of time aboard than a week here or there.

A town unfamiliar to us is New Buckenham in Norfolk, where we started and ended our Humbleyard Hoofers walk yesterday. When we saw the thatched cottage with its immaculate thatch and blemish-free pale yellow paint I think we all said "Wow!"

And the name of the thatched cottage? "Thatched Cottage".

Moments later we came to a brick and flint cottage which had the date 1820 marked out in the ends of glass bottles.

This cottage is called, yes, that's right, "The Cottage".

I should have looked to see if all the houses were called "The House". It must be terribly confusing for the postie.

Nice bottles. Shame about the plastic windows.

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