Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Playing the waiting game

Hmm. We were expecting to hear from the boat surveyor today. Nothing. I'll give him another day...

I have spoken to three insurance companies today, though. It was much better actually talking to them compared with filling in web pages to get quotes. I was able to explain about Ally and Ben needing to live aboard in July, but us using the boat before then.

The three companies in the frame at the moment are Euromarine (EIS); Collidge & partners; and Towergate (or is it Towergate Mardon?). The quote from the latter has come down to a much more sensible figure - not the nearly £600 it originally appeared.

In the meantime we're aboard Shadow with David, Penny and Fergus. We've been down the GU to Stoke Bruerne, and are now tied up just north of Gayton Junction.

It was frustrating bashing away on the computer while David was steering south from Bugbrooke in the sunshine. I emerged just as we entered Blisworth Tunnel.

No photo again, sorry. There never seems to be any spare time!


Anonymous said...

I use, and recommend, Navigators & General in Brighton - 01273 863430 Always helpful - in an old fashioned way! BE

Pip - nb Windsong said...

We have used Towergate Mardon since we had Windsong built, and have always been pleased with their quotes, although they aren't the cheapest, we have always felt confident that we were getting good service. Although you never know how good your insurer is until you have to make a claim, which we haven't, we would recommend them.
Pip and Roger

VallyP said...

How lovely that you can be doing all this while cruising at the same time, Halfie. Good luck with all the quotes!