Saturday, 7 April 2012

Making a list


If our boat buying goes ahead next week, and I'm confident it will, we will have to take lots of things for the galley with us. The current owners are not leaving anything in that department as they've been living aboard and need all their items for their house. There won't even be a kettle!

So tomorrow, after church, we'll be packing some boxes with plates, bowls, mugs, cutlery, etc. etc. We're used to this sort of thing having camped a fair amount in the past. We'll even need sleeping bags as we're staying one night at my uncle's house in Wiltshire for his 80th birthday bash.

The slight complication with kitting out the boat with our stuff is that Ally and Ben will be wanting their own things on board from July. Still, we'll cross that accommodation bridge when we get to it.

Speaking of Ally and Ben, they're really looking forward to seeing their new home! And I'm looking forward to being able to reveal details of the boat very soon.

I wonder what we're going to forget to take.

There's going to be a lot to do when taking the boat over: BW licence and insurance are two which come to mind. Is there anything else? (Apart from paying for the thing, of course.)

Never having applied for a BW licence before (the boat's licence has just expired) I don't know what the procedure is. When I've posted this I'll have a look at

As I don't like publishing posts without a photo, here's one of the Shakespeare boats all lined up ready for the holidays at Mercia Marina four weeks ago.

Now for Waterscape ...


Bruce in Sanity said...

Have fun with Leeds! You'll need the insurance before you can licence it, and details of the BSC or DoC, of course.

Good luck


Halfie said...

Leeds? Oh, the BW licencing office is in Leeds. I'm getting quotations for insurance now. There are too many options!