Wednesday, 25 April 2012

First Jubilee cruise day 2: Shardlow to Willington

While we were at Shardlow Ally and Ben came up to see their future temporary home for the first time.

They liked it, which was just as well.

In the morning (Thursday 19th April 2012) we set off for Willington where we'd arranged to meet up with Nev from Waterlily.

While Nev was on board a swan tried to get in on the act, hissing suddenly and loudly through the open side hatch. I was just walking past at the time - it didn't half make me jump!

It was good to meet you, Nev, and when we turned into Mercia Marina we saw your boat too.

We called in on Heth and Dave of Takey Tezey - they have some great pictures of us and our boat on their blog here.

Mercia Marina is dominated by the five cooling towers of the power station.

Just before we tied up, by Coach and Horses Bridge 25, we saw gambolling lambs in a field next to the canal.

That's number 78 with a bounce in its step.


nick holt said...


I 'missed the boat' in wishing you good fortune on your new boat in your first few posts about it, so I thought I'd catch up with you now. The excitement of the venture shines through the posts, they're a delight to read, and echo my own excitement, which hasn't reduced one jot, despite being the owner of 'our Eileen' for getting on for 6 months now. Every time I see I realise just how lucky I am. ENJOY!

best wishes


Halfie said...

Thanks Nick.