Tuesday, 3 April 2012

300 years of marriage at one table

It is our thirtieth wedding anniversary today, and to celebrate we took both sets of parents out to lunch.

With us at the table were Jan's parents (married 65 years) and my parents (married 55 years). Add in our 30 years and that makes 150. Each member of each couple has, of course, been married for the appropriate number of years, so the total number of happily married "person years" represented was 300. Some sort of record?


Anonymous said...

In the most polite way - ... me!!
I managed 7 yrs with 1st attempt and near 19 with 2nd. Your lady is lucky cos all I found was men with disposable ideas. Now I'm so lonely I have no idea how to speak to 'ordinary' people.

No Direction said...

Well done to all six of you.

Anonymous said...

And what a wonderful occasion it was!


Martin said...

Impressive, Halfie! Well done to the lot of you. My own parents made it to 65, not having wed till they were 28. My best beloved and I will have our 40th next year.