Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Survey booked

I got quotes from three boat surveyors yesterday. Two of them wouldn't have been able to get to the boat until next Tuesday, but one said he could inspect the hull on Saturday afternoon, freshly dry docked but before blacking, and return later in the week for the rest of the inspection. So I booked him - he also happened to be the cheapest. I must remember to ask him about the heavy steering.

Now I need to get a mooring booked in Milton Keynes. It'll need to be residential, with electric hook-up, so I'm thinking along the lines of MK Marina - unless anyone knows of an alternative. MK Marina is a convenient location for Ben's job but is pricey.


Adam said...

Send me an email -- use the BBC address if you don't know my home one.

Halfie said...

Adam, e-mail sent to work address.