Monday, 26 March 2012

Doubts dispelled

Had a brief wobble there. But it's back to Plan A. In other words, I have decided not to go to view another boat today (yes, I really was going to do another nine hours' driving).

I have e-mails in to three boat surveyors asking for quotes. If I have heard nothing back from them soon I'll phone them so we can get moving.

55 foot boat-with-no-name*, we're buying you!


As I'm now not going anywhere, and I have a day off, I'd better plant the potatoes.

*It has a name on the licence which I will reveal when it's finally ours.


Nev Wells said...

Plenty of space to paint the name on her ....not hard to find on AD....

Happy times, what about a mooring?


Halfie said...

Ah yes. Mooring. It's got to end up at Milton Keynes by July; Ally and Ben will need a residential mooring with elec hookup, so I'm thinking MK Marina.

Heth said...



Halfie said...

Sorry Heth, don't understand...