Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bus in hole

In 1988, a couple of years before we moved to Norwich, a strange event occurred in the city. A large hole opened up in Earlham Road and swallowed the back end of a double decker bus. The story is here. The dramatic pictures went all over the world.

Every day my cycle to work takes me past - over - the scene. Recently I noticed a large piece of wood sculpture in an adjacent small park; yesterday I had a closer look.

It's a representation of that incident of 24 years ago. I see a graffiti vandal has already struck. I wonder how long it will be before it's set alight.


Jim said...

I believe that in Manchester holes in the road are measured in terms of how mamy double-deckers they will accommodate!

No Direction said...

Yes, Buses as a measurement, I often offer advice to car drivers in front of me "Come on mate, you could get a bus through There"