Sunday, 25 March 2012

Is it normal to have second thoughts?


Despite many encouraging comments all I can think of are the things I don't like about the boat we're buying.

My ideal boat would have a reasonably large foredeck with side lockers and space for a small folding table, as we enjoyed on Lee Swallow. The boat we're buying has a small foredeck.

My ideal boat would have a traditional back cabin with range and drop-down bed, and an engine room with a vintage engine. The boat we're buying has a modern engine at the back.

My ideal boat would have a low electrical power need. The boat we're buying has a 240V fridge and halogen lights. And five leisure batteries.

My ideal boat would have no TV. The boat we're buying has an integral telescopic TV aerial!

My ideal boat would have a pullman dinette. The boat we're buying has a longitudinal bench seat and a table: any more than two people would have to sit on stools.

My ideal boat wouldn't be compared with a railway carriage.

What am I doing? Is it too late to back out (I've sent off a deposit)? Am I being paranoid?

I'll list some good things: nice floor; nice woodwork; well maintained; cassette loo; ready for Ally and Ben to move onto.

Oh no! The red outweighs the green. Help!

We did look at a boat with a lovely two cylinder Lister engine and trad. back cabin. The boat itself had hardly been used, indeed, the bed had never even been slept on. It needed a fair amount of finishing off, the galley was tiny, and the exterior needed painting. And it had a pumpout loo. But the shell was good, with portholes throughout and a large foredeck; the galley could have been extended and a dinette constructed.

Do I go through with our purchase, knowing that it will suit Ally and Ben, sell it in two years' time when they've finished living on it, and buy the boat of my dreams (if it exists) then?

Or do I pull out and carry on looking?

Or do I buy the "project boat" with the nice engine and engage someone to finish it off before July?


Kevin said...

Well... that is a dilema!

If it will be just what Ally & Ben need for the next two years then buy it, it might just grow on you too in that time...

If you go for your 'dream boat' will you get it finished in time, will it be what Ally & Ben need, will you be jealous of them using your ideal boat for two years when you won't be able to?

Which is your highest priority, your dream boat or a boat for Ally & Ben to live on?

Decisions decisions... good luck Halfie I certainly wouldn't like to be in your shoes...

Adam said...

Well, I had a sleepless night (actually, it was a sleepless day, because I was on night shifts at the time) after our offer was accepted, but it was about the wisdom of spending the money, not about the boat itself.

Does your ideal boat actually exist? If you'd seen it so far, presumably you'd already have bought it. Have you lived with a vintage engine and a back cabin, or do you just like the idea of them?

If this boat meets Ally and Ben's needs at the moment, that's fine; if it doesn't meet your needs in a couple of year's time, then you can sell it and buy one that does.

Bruce in Sanity said...

Second thoughts must be normal, but if you wait for your ideal boat you'll never get one. Also, you'd be amazed how much less important some of this stuff is once you are aboard.

I'd go for it; as Kevin says, you can always flog it when Ally and Ben have finished with it, or you might have come into a load of money by then, you can make them a present of that one and order a new one for yourself…

Well there's no harm in day dreaming!

All the best


Bruce in Sanity said...

Actually, there's a good way of deciding, now I come to think of it. Toss a coin to "decide", heads you buy it, tails you don't.

See what the result is and if you are disappointed or pleased; that will tell you what you really want to do.



No Direction said...

A man who works for the BBC and doesn't want a TV !!

Adam said...

That's because all the best output is on radio!

Anonymous said...

All the aforementioned points (including the TV bit) plus my pennyworth - more red than green and trying to tick too many boxes at the same time. If it is a vehicle for a short time purpose, save the dream for the next time.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention that when I stood on my boat for the first time - it was an instant decision!

Halfie said...

Kevin, Ally and Ben will be happy to live on whatever boat we get. (They'd better be!)

Adam, the ideal boat probably doesn't exist (yet), but I haven't been seriously looking for long. No, I haven't lived with vintage engine/back cabin and, yes, I like the idea.

Bruce, I know the boat I get will not be perfect, but I was thinking that I could possibly improve on the one currently in the frame. I suppose I'm "worried" that the "perfect" boat will turn up just after buying this one!

Ray, shhh! People might think I'm being disloyal! I'm actually looking forward to a break from TV, having been involved in it for so long. Of course, I retain the right to change my mind in the future.

Halfie said...

Adam, I agree. Except for sport and the moon landings.

Anonymous, you started well with your first comment, but blew it with your next!

Dave B said...

If you feel comfortable when you step aboard its right for you

Sarah said...

Well, you can't go wrong really can you - in the short term it is an ideal boat for Ally and Ben, while you get a couple of years to decide whether you like it, and to keep half an eye open for that dream boat on the horizon. Sounds like this was a head-ruling -heart decision, the heart's turn may yet come but at least now there's no hurry and all being well with the survey, you have a boat!

Halfie said...

Sarah, you're right. Next time there won't be quite so much rush, but, on the other hand, there won't be quite so much spare cash either! Can you get bridging loans for boats?