Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pode Hole Pumping Station

On a long car journey yesterday I stopped at Pode Hole in the Lincolnshire fens for a coffee break.

Pode Hole is the location of three pumping stations built to raise water from Deeping Fen and Pinchbeck South Fen into Vernatt's Drain (info from Wikipedia).

The newest pumping station (I think it's the newest) has an interesting weather vane on its roof which I saw only after I'd loaded the photos into my computer.

From the left: a drain with water and a bank; a tree and a house below the water level; a tractor working the drained land. I'm not sure why there are two wavy lines indicating water - just the top one would have worked better, I suggest.


Roger Smith said...

Is it a tidal drain, in which case it's showing high and low water.

Halfie said...

Below the pump won't be tidal, but above it could be, I suppose. I'll have to do more research! Good suggestion, though.