Friday, 23 March 2012

1.0417 boats

Ray of No Direction asks if I have told Shadow about the new boat which is coming into my life. Well, the answer is no, not yet. For one thing, when Ally and Ben are living on it, we won't be able to use it for holidays. So we're likely to be holding onto our 1/24th share of Shadow for another couple of years. The other thing is that, until the survey has been done and the money paid, it isn't ours yet.

The upshot is likely to be that we'll be the owners of 1.0417 boats (or as near that decimal as makes no difference). Greedy or what?!

As part of the deal the boat is to be blacked and have three new leisure batteries before we take it over. Oh, and have new anodes welded on. (Hmm. I wonder why it needs new anodes already. It's been in the water only seven years. Galvanic corrosion?) It will obviously make sense for the surveyor to do the survey while the boat's out of the water.

We've already started to think about where we're going to move the boat before taking it to Milton Keynes. There's a lot to do, and we haven't considered insurance or licence yet!


Neil Corbett said...

Exciting times! Prepare yourself for paranoia, when every strange noise from the boat will be a worry. We're just going through that phase having acquired a new (to us) car.


PS I don't know what plans you have for bringing her "home", but if you need any help let us know. I doubt we'll be away on Herbie much in the near future.

Halfie said...

Thanks Neil. As I said, we're just beginning to think about logistics. We know where "home" has to be in July, but are not sure about the interim period.

Jim said...

I wouldn't worry too much about new anodes after seven years. My last set only lasted six. At least it shows they are doing their job.

No Direction said...

We may have new one's next week while in drydock and thats after 4 years, I don't think being in a Marina with 90% of boats on shore power helps.

Captain Ahab said...

Exciting news Halfie.
Annodes - Wand'ring Bark is half way through the life of her second set at 9 years old. They last 6 years or so.