Monday, 27 December 2010

Weird natural ice formations

On a walk yesterday David and Penny came across some strange ice sculptures. Today, after we'd said goodbye to the last of our Christmas guests, we went for a walk ourselves, and saw the outlandish natural phenomenon.

A small stream often flows across the road at this dip. Passing cars have thrown spray to the sides, which has frozen on plants and on the grass verge, creating these amazing shapes.

And this was after a few hours of thaw. I imagine it was even more spectacular yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought of entering some of your photos into a competition? They look good enough to me - but then I may not be impartial.

H. S.

Halfie said...

H.S., thank you, but you only have to look at Andrew's (Granny Buttons) or Alan's (Lazy Days) or Barry's (Northern Pride) to see that mine are really quite ordinary.

VallyP said...

What amazing shapes, Halfie! We too have had some interesting ice shapes. I think it often comes from slight thawing and then freezing again. I've never seen icicles as big and in such profusion as they have been this year.

Anonymous said...

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