Thursday, 30 December 2010

Boozy boat juxtaposition

Liquid Lunch next to Spirit Level just above Stanstead Lock on the Lee Navigation in August 2010.

On Christmas Day we most certainly did not have a(n entirely) liquid lunch. Afterwards ten of us went for a short walk round the village. Here we are illuminated by the security light on our return.

(yes, I was the one taking the photo.)

[By the way, H.S., did you know that clicking on a photo will (usually) enlarge it?]


Anonymous said...

Actually, I did know. I am just not awfully keen on enlarging any photo in which I appear. I appear to look more gaga every succeeding year and certainly shorter. I read before Christmas about old age shrinkage which cheered me up enormously! Just the very thought with which to enter the new year.


Halfie said...

Gaga? You should see the photo I didn't publish!