Friday, 17 December 2010


Gloves has been a hot topic recently. Did you find something satisfactory, Bones? Commenter VallyP asked about the gloves I use for cycling. I don't know what make they are - my brother David gave them to me last Christmas (as I recall). Today, cycling to and from work in below-zero temperatures, I wished I'd been wearing my old leather motorcycle gauntlets (bought, I think, from a market stall in Salford in about 1976). (No, the motorbike wasn't leather.)

But, better than trying to describe gloves, here's a picture of them.

The pair on the right is (or are?) my silk liners, which make a difference, but my hands still got flippin' freezing!

For boating, as I've already said somewhere, I like my fleece gloves. They're especially good in wet weather as they act like a wetsuit, and can be wrung out when necessary. They also dry quickly.

Now I'll gargle a soluble aspirin (for the sore throat I woke up with this morning) and go to bed.

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