Thursday, 9 December 2010

Neat parking!

My way to work this morning was blocked by a car across the road. Now I can get past most obstructions on my bike, but not this one. This was very near where I took the photo lit by car headlights the other evening.

The car had skidded on the ice and turned 90ยบ. No-one was hurt, and the driver of a car the other side was preparing to drag it clear. As I got my camera out I could hear a siren in the distance. I had time to grab one shot before the police car arrived.

By the time I'd negotiated a route bypassing the blockage the car had been put back on course and was driving - gingerly - away.


Anonymous said...

But how can you cycle on that icy road? We cannot walk safely here, even with trekking poles. The car hasn't left the garage. Indeed, I don't think it would get very far as the drive is still thick with snow.


Halfie said...

I take it carefully, finding the grip. I didn't think you got extremes of weather where you are! I have to drive tomorrow for the first time in a couple of weeks. Not sure where I'm going to park. I know the bike would be quicker!

VallyP said...

You are a stoic soul, Halfie. I haven't ridden my bike for a couple of weeks now. It's been way too icy on the busy cycle paths in Rotterdam, and as we have to share them with reckless and irresponsible scooter and moped riders, I just don't risk it. Still, these pretty lanes might tempt me! Lovely scenes indeed.

Halfie said...

Yes, the well-used roads soon cleared of ice, but the worst routes for cycling were the cycle paths. (Not that we have as many over here as you do, VallyP.)