Thursday, 2 December 2010

No smoking allowed on the Montgomery Canal

Our walk up the Monty from Welshpool on 19th July this year takes us now to Four Crosses and Bridge 100. I like the way the leylandii hedge on the right looks like it's exploding. The effect you get when you freeze-frame a fast zoom.

The wharf building has an interesting cascade of loading doors, one set immediately above the other, but slightly to one side. Was one set of doors an afterthought? If so, which one? Does the change from stone to brick and back to stone give a clue here?

It was only on looking at the photo for this post that I realised that protruding from the roof are the remains of two beams, angled so as to support - I assume - a loading crane.

There is also a "NO SMOKING ALLOWED" sign.

This is similar to one at Queen's Head which I photographed when we cruised there on Shadow in October 2009.

And there's one on the stables at Bunbury Locks on the Shroppie. It's on the very edge of the photo, on the right.

I caught only the "NO"!

I first wondered if these signs were attached to buildings which stored gunpowder. Now, seeing the sign on the stables, I wonder whether the canal company was concerned about flammable materials in general, such as straw, and not merely explosive ones.

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