Saturday, 18 December 2010

Minus 9.5 last night, and a cold walk

My max/min thermometer last night recorded a low of minus 9.5ºC (that's the minus sign between "MIN" and "MEM"). That would explain the ice on our bedroom windows - on the inside - this morning. And they're double glazed!

This morning we led our walking group on a walk round some local Norfolk fields.

It was perfect walking weather: no wind; no precipitation; just enough snow on the ground to turn it white, but not so deep as to make walking difficult.

This ditch froze when the water level was high; now the level has gone down by a couple of feet, leaving curious horizontal patches of ice clinging to the hedge.

One or two of our number got a little chilly, but we soon warmed up when the sixteen of us ended up at Jan's school for mulled wine round the fire, followed by a Christmas lunch.

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