Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Shooting star in 20:20 vision

On my cycle home from work one day last week (wind blowing at my exact velocity and direction, hence no wind noise in my ears):

Heard but not seen: a sheep and two owls (one "to-whit" and one "to-whoo").

On my cycle home from work this evening (large patches of clear sky):

Seen but not heard: a shooting star.

The shooting star was spectacular, being very bright against a dark starry sky (we get them in Norfolk). It was to the north, going from east to west, and so low that it looked as if it was over land and not way out in space.

Ray and Jayne of No Direction posted about seeing a meteor a week ago. Mine wasn't in the same league - no tail; no bits flying off.

To explain the title of this post: I reached home at 24 minutes past eight, four minutes after seeing the meteor.


Jan said...

No photo?

Halfie said...

No! I try to put at least one photo in every blog post, but this was that rare occasion when I didn't manage it.

VallyP said...

Nice post, Halfie. I admire your tenacity with cycling to work even in these frosty conditions. I do too, but not half as far as you have to go and by the time arrive, my fingers and toes are ready for frostbite treatment! What gloves do you use?

Halfie said...

Thanks, VallyP. I have a pair of really good gloves which brother David gave me for Christmas last year. I don't know what make they are. In this weather I wear silk liners as well. I'll post a photo of them some time soon.