Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Oculus in Coelum

I cycled to Eye in Suffolk today to pick up the 240 estate which had been in for an MOT (it passed - nothing needed doing).

[26.7 miles, 2h 45m, 9.7mph average speed - I was taking it gently, saving my knees!]

With the bike in the boot I stopped in Eye for something to eat. While there I snapped this structure which grateful townsfolk had erected to the memory of ... er, I don't know! I can't remember his name, and I can't read it from the photos. Sir someone-or-other, who became the town's MP.

The interesting thing about the memorial was the coat of arms with its punning inscription OCULUS IN COELUM, or Eye in Heaven, or, even, Eye in the Sky. There it is, in the centre of a sunburst.

Proper canal post tomorrow, I promise!

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VallyP said...

27 miles?? Cycling? Wow, now I'm really impressed! Nice bit of humour shown in this carving ....perhaps?