Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Lowered bridges on the Montgomery Canal

Returning to our summer exploration by foot of the Montgomery Canal, a mile north of Bridge 103 (lowered) at Arddleen is Bridge 102, Maerdy Bridge. This, too, carries the A483 and has also been lowered, and proudly displays a concrete plaque with the date of this act of cutting off the cut: 1949. The canal had been abandoned 13 years previously.

Here is the view from the north. The brick hut looks like it belongs with the canal.

The Montgomery Waterway Restoration Trust has a website with lots of interesting historical detail, and can be found here.


My cycle to work today was the coldest for several years. I was cycling into a bitterly cold wind, and the ends of both my middle fingers went numb, despite wearing good gloves with separate silk liners. Good points: the roads were dry; and the wind assisted my return journey. Walking to choir practice this evening was hazardous, though. The pavements are mostly covered with compacted snow, which had partly melted earlier, but which is now rutted slippery ice.

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