Friday, 27 May 2016

Visitors galore

Our first visitors were Ally and Josiah who joined us as we helped to set up the Boaters' Christian Fellowship stand at Crick. We got the stand done by lunchtime; while Jan started cooking the sausages and bacon I cycled to the Co-op for more provisions. Back at the boat we had a good fry-up - we were ready for that!

Another visitor was this little bug. I take my inspiration from Irene!

In the afternoon we entertained Josiah while Ally tried to get some sleep. They went home as we went with Stephen and Gwyneth (Chyandour) in their car to Braunston church. Four new Waterways Chaplains were being commissioned in a special service there.

The two on the left in the above photo are our friends Adrian and Chris (Essence). Mark Chester, in the centre, is the head of the Waterways Chaplains; it was he who did the commissioning and handed the four their WC gilets. (Oh - an unfortunate abbreviation!) Adrian and Chris were among others who turned up at Jubilee later in the evening, so we invited them all on board for drinks.

Judy, Derek, Jan, Sandra, Elaine, Chris, Adrian
After they left I walked over to the beer tent to see what the entertainment was like. It was two blokes - keyboard and guitar - who sang and played along to karaoke versions of old songs. Not really my cup of tea so, after a pleasant enough half of mild, I walked back to the boat. It's got quite chilly out there!

Tomorrow the show site opens to the public so we'll be manning the BCF stand and talking to lots of people, no doubt.


Ian and Irene Jameison said...

Why thank you Andy. Great photo of a leaf beetle. I think it's Donacia vulgaris. Lives in reeds and swampy places. Xxx

Halfie said...

Ah, a leaf beetle. I had no idea. Thanks. We're in a reedy and swampy place, so that makes sense! (Halfie here, by the way, not Andy!)