Thursday, 5 May 2016

The peace of the South Oxford Canal

We left Marston Doles in full sunshine with the temperature rising. Definitely shorts and T-shirt weather, but I put a thin jumper on to prevent sunburn.

The summit level we were now on is pure English countryside at its best, with grazing sheep ...

... and invaders from outer space. Oh, wait a minute, that's a farmer spraying his crops.

Opposite this field we tied up for lunch where there were several big gaps in the towpath hedge, with views to the north across Warwickshire. It was utterly peaceful and we could have stayed, only we had planned to be in Fenny Compton Wharf tonight.

At Fenny we tied up before the bridges, and a good job we did as the moorings the other side were full. Chris and Joy from Wren's Nest came over to say hello; we talked alternators among other things! They went off to eat on their boat and Jan and I had a good "two for £10" in the Wharf Inn. Chris and Joy joined us in the pub and presented me with a relay with which I can complete the alternator job. Hooray!

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